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IconStars is a library of over 500,000 images and animated gifs. The website was created as a way to help people decorate pages (such as myspace profiles or personal websites), as well as to provide images to share as fun virtual gifts with friends.

IconStars is an experimental project originating from and developed by the online hangout known as HumanPets, as a way to share a piece of that wonderful community with the rest of the world. I realize there is a bit of concern about privacy on images, however users should be aware that firstly, Iconstars is a test prototype and features have yet to be added. Secondly, most images on Human Pets are already on image search engines such as Google and Bing, so Iconstars is not revealing any more information than was previously available on the internet. As always, any information you want to keep private should never be placed online.

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